Rocketeer MX5 - Jaguar V6 engine conversion

Rocketeer MX5 - Jaguar V6 engine conversion

Racecar are pleased to launch the new Rocketeer Cars web site. The company has sold over 80 kits for the venerable Mazda Mx5 all over the world - involving the fitment of the Jaguar AJ30 V6 engine. The motor actually has a surprising design pedigree - being originally designed by Porsche and adapted by Cosworth for Ford Group applications. The alloy v6 is actually lighter than the original 1800 twin cam iron block and is short enough to maintain the balance of the chassis. 

When fitted to a Jaguar S type it provides good performance - but when fitted to a ton of MX5 it produces really strong performance and a fabulous sound track! Between 250 and 300 BHP of naturally aspirated power in an MX5 hits a real sweet spot with linear relaible power.

Rocketeer have responded to customer demand and now provide 3 options for customers to consider:

Self build - they provide you with a kit to make oyur own installation
Turn key conversions - drive in with your standard MX5 and drive out with the conversion undertaken
Restomod - they rebuild a donor MX5 to your exact specification - anything from a hybrid solution to a twin turbo V6 - your imagination is the sole limitation

We have our own Rocketeer MX5 in build - with 6 Jenvey throttle bodies and a cool 300 BHP the target to make an exciting dual purpose road car which should be fun on track!

Click here for the Rocketeer Cars web site - designed and built by Racecar